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Antique Shotgun Seminar

Antique Shotgun Lecture and Demonstration

Dec. 15th 10-1pm at Elite Indoor Gun Range

Jay Oliver, lecturer.

Are you interested in learning more about the history of shotguns? Would you like to fire one on the five stand?

We’re happy to introduce Dr. Jason Oliver, a current member of Peace Dale Shooting Preserve and historical firearm enthusiast, as a guest lecturer for this fun and informative class.

Dr. Oliver will bring working examples of shotguns that track the history of the gun.

He will also discuss the popular American makers of these historic shotguns.

Participants are invited to bring in their own vintage shotguns to share with the class.

We will have show and demonstration of the following shotguns:

Flintlock Fowler – the first real shotgun

Percussion SXS – what I used in the video you posted

Antique SXS – Damascus barreled hammer Guns

Vintage SXS – Fluid steel hammerless guns

Discussion topics include:

· History, loading and function of antique shotguns

· Popular American Shotgun Manufacturers

· How to have an antique shotgun evaluated and restored

Demonstration on the Five-Stand of proper loading and shooting of antique firearms.

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