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Criminal and Civil Liability: the Use of Force

A Criminal and Civil Liability Lecture on the Use of Force

With Associate Professor Ray Angell III Esquire

This lecture provides options after a justified and legal self-defense act has taken place.

This lecture is designed to improve your knowledge in the use of force and self-defense situations. The lecture addresses how people should handle the immediate aftermath of a critical incident. Topics include how to notify the authorities, how not to be shot by responding officers, what to expect while you are detained, and what your legal rights are. We will also cover understanding the body’s reaction when protecting your life along and the understanding of using force and when it becomes excessive.

Spartan International Consulting Group’s lecture series broadens the education of the public in the areas of personal safety and awareness, providing the community with ideas and thought-provoking conversations about living in today’s society, alert and secure.  Spartan’s mission is to seek and promote concepts that advance the protection of life when it is in harms way.   Our motto, “Prepare Today, Prevail Tomorrow”, is the mindset we encourage our participants to adopt so that they may be more aware instead of more paranoid.

February 20th 2019

Elite Range Members $30.00 Non-Members $35.00

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