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Summer League

Come join the fun.

Team Centerfire - Each team consists of four people. If you don’t have a team in mind, we will connect you with some new shooting buddies. This centerfire division only allows iron sights. It's our most social division.

Meets Thursday nights at 6pm with a social hour to follow after.


Solo Rimfire - Our most popular division this summer. Grab your favorite .22 and join the fun! This division allows iron sights and 1x optics (red dot, micro dot, holographic). Solo Rimfire stands to be the most competitive division with some very skilled participants. Test your skill with some friendly competition.

Shoot your target any day or night from Tuesday to Sunday


Solo Centerfire - Solo centerfire introduced many to new shooting styles and motivated them learn new skill sets. It also became a great place to establish some friendly rivalries. This division is iron sights only. Due to the large gap created by some of our stand-out shooters, we formed the Masters sub-division. This separates the top 5 shooters from last season to compete apart from everyone else, but allows you to judge yourself against the best of the best.

Shoot your target any day or night from Tuesday to Sunday


Register Here!

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