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The 300 CLub

Updated: Jun 28, 2018


Do you want to be a member of the most exclusive shooting club in all New England?

The requirements for membership are a desire for glory, a keen eye, and a steady hand. A good appetite might come in handy as well. Details below.



  1. Handguns only.

    1. Centerfire or Rimfire

  2. Iron sights only

    1. No lasers

  3. No support systems: shoulder stock, bench rest, or leaning against lane wall.

  4. One person, one target.

  5. Thirty rounds shot in thirty minutes (maximum time) from a standing position.

  6. Target must remain at 25 yards during the challenge.

  7. No spotting scopes.

  8. Target must be witnessed and signed by the RSO on duty immediately after shooting.


Winners can expect

  1. We will prepare a Sunset Farms Ribeye steak dinner (with all the trimmings) and serve it on the platinum lounge patio at a later date. We don't have a meat locker full of steaks. As a bonus, if you get all your shots in the red zone, we will throw in a freshly steamed lobster.

  2. Photograph of you and your target will be proudly displayed it on our wall of champions.

  3. Be entered into our exclusive "300 Club" Webpage.

  4. We will worship you like an Aztec God/Goddess*.

This challenge is open to the public and members alike. Public shooters scoring a 300 will have their range fee waived

If you have ever wondered what glory tastes like? Wonder no more because we can tell you:  a grilled Sunset Farms Ribeye Steak with all the trimmings and an ice cold beverage of your choice. So, come on in and aim for exclusive membership and have some fun while you're at it.

*certain restrictions apply

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