Thursday July 15th & 22nd 6pm-8pm

[This is a split class, meaning the class will take place on 2 different days]

Elite Indoor Gun Range

Instructor: Jeremy LaFerriere

Members:$100 [Use Code "CCW" at Checkout]



A class covering concealed carry applications in the state of Rhode Island. Jeremy "Escobar" LaFerriere walks students through their entire application process covering all necessary documents and information. The 1st class will consist entirely of time spent in the classroom, while the 2nd will start off in the classroom and finish in the range will the CCW range test.


Topics that the class will cover include:

-Submitting of application

-Expected waiting time

-Firearm selection

-Force Continium

-Scenario Based Q&A



Required materials:

-150rds of range approved handgun ammunition (can be purchased from us)


Suggested materials:

-Firearm (not required, will provide if needed)

-A Notebook and pen

-Letters of reference

-Letter of need or employment letter

-Application from your town of residence for CCW permit, obtained thorugh your local police department


Questions about the class? Email Jeremy at escobar@401guns.com


*** All techniques and skills taught in this class are intended to only be used in a lawful, defensive application to protect one's life. Elite Indoor Gun Range, Agents of Elite Indoor Gun Range and contracted instructors assume no liability for the applications of techniques taught in these classes. By registering for the class you agree to hold the above listed parties harmless and waive liability tied to your actions. Additionally you agree to only apply such techniques in a defensive lawful manner.***

7/15&22 RI CCW App 6pm-8pm