Shooter's Fitness - HIIT

Monday August 30th 6pm-8pm

Elite Indoor Gun Range

Instructor: McBride

Cost: $40


This 5 week program is to confront physical fitness with incorporation of shooting. Calisthenics, Cardio, Strength, Flexibility, and HIIT training styles are important to all shooters. If your body cant keep up in a fight, this is how to fix the problem. Our Instructor Daniel McBride has had over 8 years of combined shooting, and fitness experience. He will use his vast knowledge of both to provide you with improved shooting skills through a fitness styled approach.

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High Intensity Interval Training, a purposeful employment of anaerobic exercises, such as circuit training with kettlebells, dumbbells, and body weighted exercise. The workout will push your physical ability to where you feel you cannot go further. HIIT will provide an outlet for improved athletic performance as well as improved metabolism.


Shooter's Fitness is a running program, meaning shooters can join and/or leave during anywhere within the rotation. All classes have different themes, and we strongly recommend doing at least 1 full rotation from when you start (all 5 classes).


Equipment Required:

  • Durable T-Shirt (Athletic or non-athletic)
  • Jeans/Tactical Pants (Must be flexible to physical exercise)
  • Tactical Boots/Sneakers (Be okay with footwear getting dirty/must have good tread)
  • Hearing protection
  • Protective Glasses (Lenses with dark film is acceptable)
  • Bottles of Water (Hydration is a must; Gallon jugs if you wish)
  • Handgun (Rentals Available)
  • 80-100 Rounds of ammunition for firearm platform(s)
  • [Optional] Rifle (Rentals Available)
  • [Optional] Tactical belt/battle belt w/holster Israeli Carry


*** All techniques and skills taught in this class are intended to only be used in a lawful, defensive application to protect one's life. Elite Indoor Gun Range, Agents of Elite Indoor Gun Range and contracted instructors assume no liability for the applications of techniques taught in these classes. By registering for the class you agree to hold the above listed parties harmless and waive liability tied to your actions. Additionally you agree to only apply such techniques in a defensive lawful manner.***

8/30 Shooter's Fitness - HIIT 6pm-8pm