Intro to Handgun

Wednesday September 15th 6pm-8pm

[3rd Wednesday Every Month]

Elite Indoor Gun Range

Instructor: Sydney

Price: $60


This class offers basic instruction as an introduction to handgun shooting and safety. Participants will start by entering the range to shoot either the caliber of their choice or the provided .22LR ammunition, with provided rental guns. The remainder of the class will be spent in the classroom where participants will be able to take the Rhode Island Handgun Certification test (Blue Card test) with guided instruction.



  • Handgun of Choice [Rentals Available]

  • .22 LR or 9mm ammunition [Available in-store]

  • Eye and Ear Protection [Available in-store]


Participants will be able to:

  • Shoot safely and accurately with the supervision of an instructor

  • Feel comfortable handling and using the firearm of their choice

  • Complete the Blue Card test

  • Understand gun and range safety


9/15 Intro to Handgun 6pm-8pm