Thursday September 9th 6pm-8pm

Elite Indoor Gun Range

Instructor: Christian Moroski

Cost: $60


This class will focus on the use of both intermediate practices and handgun usage from a holster. The goal of the class is to gain a further understanding of how to be able to accurately display shots upon a target while also maintaining a consistent pattern. This will be able to have the shooter be able to fight against their own times as well. Within the holster portion, the class will focus on the safe execution of deploying a firearm out of the holster. Topics discussed will also include the different methods of carrying and when they would be applicable. While also displaying and taking part in the provided exercises.


Class Requirements:

  • Functional Pistol

  • Functional holster [Highly Recommened] (Ensuring it is not loose and maintains retention to your body)

    • Either Inside The Waistband Holster or Outside the Waistband 

    • Or