Ballistics Course with Gregory Cruz

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This course is an in-depth look into all things "bang."


This course is designed to teach and cover the different types of ammunitions used in friearms, along with a little bit of the history involved as well.


We will cover the parts involved with both centerfire and rimfire ammunition is rifles and handguns. We will also cover each component that makes a completed round of ammunition–– the primer, case, powder and projectiles. We will get into a broad overview as well as in-depth conversation.


Instructor Cruz will attempt to answer all questions in a very comfortable atmosphere where student interaction is highly encouraged and questions are welcomed.


Some of the questions we hope to answer:


"What is the difference between hollow point and full metal jacket?"

"Why or when do I use them?"

"How do I know this ammunition is good or bad?"

"How do I identify safe ammunition for use in my firearms?"

"What is proper storage and handling of ammunition?"

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Hours: Mon-Sat 9am-9pm

           Sunday 9am-7pm

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