CCW Thursdays: Skills 12/3 5:00PM-7:00PM

CCW Thursdays: Skills 12/3 5:00PM-7:00PM


CCW Thursdays: Draw

Thursday December 3rd 5:00PM-7:00PM

Elite Indoor Gun Range

Instructor: Gregory Cruz




Welcome to Thursday night Concealed Carry Pistol Skills.
Every Thursday night in November our training staff will be holding concealed carry skill enhancement courses.


November 5th Concealed Carry Draw.
November 12th Concealed Carry Shooting Skills
November 19th Concealed Carry Movement


All courses will challenge the shooter to execute at a safe and manageable level of skill. The emphasis will not only be on shooting, but the deeper whys as to when to shoot and more importantly when not to shoot. We will include tactically sound drills, legally defensible skills and socially acceptable outcomes.


November 12th Concealed Carry Shooting Skills
This focus course is designed from the ground up to enhance the shooters skill in running the EDC (every-day carry) firearm. Most of us are not carrying a full-size pistol. Most of us have found a happy medium between convenience and concealment. To achieve this, we have reduced the size, weight and length of our EDC pistol. 
The shooter needs to have an intimate understand of how they can run the gun, fire multiple shots. Managing the recoil of the smaller gun. What it takes to move the pistol on one target or across multiple targets. The ways and types of reloads the shooter could encounter in a critical incident. The immediate action or remedial action if the shooter encounters a stoppage in the cycle of operation. Individual attention will be paid to each shooters needs. The shooters will receive on the spot coaching and immediate enhancement.


Prerequisites: This training requires the shooter to be safe and have a good working knowledge of their defensive firearm. A good working knowledge means the shooter should be able to load, unload, draw from the holster and be able to clear stoppages that may accrue. If you can do that as a shooter this set of courses would be a great next step.
This training will all be conducted on the range in a live fire format. Keeping with ammunition costs and availability we will do our best to keep the round count to around 200 rounds per event. 
Gear: Shooters are encouraged to bring and train with their carry gear. Standard range gear or competition gear is allowed but the shooter may not get the most out of the training. Concealment is allowed for these courses but can be waived at the shooters discretion.


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Questions about the class? Email Gregory Cruz at


*** All techniques and skills taught in this class are intended to only be used in a lawful, defensive application to protect one's life. Elite Indoor Gun Range, Agents of Elite Indoor Gun Range and contracted instructors assume no liability for the applications of techniques taught in these classes. By registering for the class you agree to hold the above listed parties harmless and waive liability tied to your actions. Additionally you agree to only apply such techniques in a defensive lawful manner.***

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