Defensive Rifle Skills 12/19 9:00AM-2:00PM

Defensive Rifle Skills 12/19 9:00AM-2:00PM


Defensive Rifle Skills

Saturday December 19th 9:00AM-2:00PM

Elite Indoor Gun Range

Instructor: Gregory Cruz




Gregory Cruz will teach and share with student’s defensive rifle skills, developed over decades of personal experience. As both a military combat veteran and law enforcement special agent. Students will take their fundamental knowledge of rifle shooting and take a step into the world of defensive applications, driving the development of new skills and employment techniques. This course will highlight tactically sound techniques and legally defensible applications of the rifle in a self-defensive role. The rifle does not have to be a modern sporting rifle like the AR -15. It only needs to be the rifle you in a last resort would use to defend your life from a deadly violent attack.
THIS IS AN ACTIVE, DYNAMIC CLASS Please come ready to train. 
Required materials:
400 rounds of ammunition that is range approved. No steel case or steel core ammunition* we will do our best to keep close to this number but extra is not a bad idea.
Your defensive rifle cleaned, zeroed and in good working condition.
Active range attire and footwear
Gear and equipment to support your days training.
Eye and ear protection
Suggested Materials:
Semi – auto rifles 3 or more magazines make things easy
Lubrication for when you rifle needs it (most come way to dry)
Zeroed optics – red dot or magnified 
Basic understand of rifle ballistics


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Questions about the class? Email Gregory Cruz at


*** All techniques and skills taught in this class are intended to only be used in a lawful, defensive application to protect one's life. Elite Indoor Gun Range, Agents of Elite Indoor Gun Range and contracted instructors assume no liability for the applications of techniques taught in these classes. By registering for the class you agree to hold the above listed parties harmless and waive liability tied to your actions. Additionally you agree to only apply such techniques in a defensive lawful manner.***

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