CCW Skills Conceal Holster Draw 9/12 9:30AM-12:30PM

CCW Skills Conceal Holster Draw 9/12 9:30AM-12:30PM


Conceal Holster Draw

Saturday September 12th 9:30AM-12:30PM

Elite Indoor Gun Range

Instructor: Gregory Cruz

Class: $100


This course will cover details and topics related to clothing, holsters, drawing techniques, conceaclment considerations and accessories. This class is designed to place CCW permiy holders and applicants on a path to improve their skills and deepen their knowledge while remaining tactically sound and legally safe.


Required materials:

200rds of range approved handgun ammunition



Belt - gun belts are available for purchase at Elite

Active range attire and footwear

Eye and ear protection


Suggested Materials:

3+ mags


Members use code Draw for a $25 discount


Questions about the class? Email Gregory Cruz at


*** All techniques and skills taught in this class are intended to only be used in a lawful, defensive application to protect one's life. Elite Indoor Gun Range, Agents of Elite Indoor Gun Range and contracted instructors assume no liability for the applications of techniques taught in these classes. By registering for the class you agree to hold the above listed parties harmless and waive liability tied to your actions. Additionally you agree to only apply such techniques in a defensive lawful manner.***

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