Range Rates

Lane Rental: $30*

Handgun Rental: $10

Rifle Rental: $15

Eye Protection: $2 (yours to keep)

Ear Protection: $8

Targets: $1 (Each)

*Each of our lanes safely accommodates two people. Parties of three or more must rent additional lanes. 

Pistol Package

$60 Pistol Package includes

Lane Rental

Handgun rental (any caliber)

50 rounds of ammunition

One target

Rifle Package


Rifle Rental Includes:

Rifle Rental

Lane Rental

Fifty* Rounds of Ammunition

One Target

Ear and Eye protection

*.22 rifles get 100 Rounds

Private lessons

Private Lessons are available for individuals and groups covering a variety of subjects.

Fees are in addition to other lane time, rentals, and ammunition.

$60/hour Public

$40/hr Member

Group lessons are available.

Please inquire


Contact Information

Hours: Mon-Sat 9am-7pm

Hours: sunday 9am-5pm

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