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Best described as golf with shotguns, sporting clays are shot in rounds of 50 or 100 shells (or more if you're chasing some of Will's targets) around a course of multiple shooting stations.

Sporting clays are unique from other clay shooting disciplines in that the target sets aren't as heavily regulated. You can enjoy shooting rabbit targets that bounce along the ground, Battue targets that curl through the air, half-size midi targets, all combined with the classic sporting clay target. Right outside of Elite we have Peace Dale Shooting Preserve located on 125 acres with two sporting clays courses.

Our Grouse course is perfect for starting out and learning the sport. Try our Pheasant Course which sports some challenging targets.

Call 401-789-3730 to book a lesson, $60 All-Inclusive Sporting Lesson, from one of our friendly and experienced instructors. Don't have a shotgun? No problem! We have a variety of rental shotguns to accommodate all shooters. 

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