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Stop the Bleed

Tuesday, November 5, 2018

6:00 Pm to 9:00 PM

Tactical Medical Care is for those interested in taking the responsibility to learn life-saving techniques to be used in emergency situations.

Students are taught to identify and treat the common causes of fatal injuries in a hostile environment. Learn how to properly assess and treat victims of gunshot and blast injuries, provide care for serious bleeding and airway compromise as well other medical topics of tactical importance. Our ACC instructor teaches Tactical Medical Care using techniques proven effective by law enforcement, military and first responders.

GENERAL CURRICULUM: - -Principles of Tactical Combat Casualty Care - -Hemorrhage control (including hemostatic dressings and tourniquet use) - -Airway management (basic and advanced) - -Management of chest and abdominal injuries - -Environmental injuries - -Medication awareness - Self-Aid

Each participant will receive, as part of their course fee, a basic individual trauma kit with hemostatic gauze, a tourniquet, a CPR face shield and more.

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